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Tablet Computers In India

              Technology has evolved to a great height, and it’s still growing Higher. One the Most handy product in this generation in Computer , Of course you cannot take your Desktop with You all the time , in such situation Laptops came into Play. But can you think such a condition when pulling out laptop may be also not that feasible. Yeah I am Speaking Truth. Sometimes it’s also tedious to pull out Laptop, Consider a Situation where you are Standing  and even no reasonable place to place your laptop.
For Such conditions  Tablet Computer  or popularly known as  TAB  are made to solve your Problem.
Currently in India there are 4 mostly Used TABS namely  Dell Streak , OlivePad , iPad  and the latest one in the league the  Samsung Galaxy  , and our Discussion is Sticking to this Gadgets.
Based on Various Parameters we will take find their Pro’s and Con’s .

1. Portability Factor

                         When buying a Tablet Portability is a vital Feature, Somebody likes it big and somebody wants small to Place comfortably in trouser pocket .
Depending on Size the  Dell Streak  is Smallest of them all. Its Size is 5 inches. Then comes  Samsung Galaxy  and  OlivePad  of 7 inches each and the biggest of them  iPad  of 9.7 inch.

2. Handling Factor

                           As when it comes to ease of use, there is a complete makeover of Last Factor. Yeah as all of them have Touchy factor, the bigger the Screen the Better you can touch. Screen Size matters a lot when you are working on Touch Screen’s. As the most comfortable device is  iPad  following  OlivePad, Samsung Galaxy and Dell Streak .

3. Features and Function Factor
                       When it comes for technical worth of devices, all depends on the Software build inside that box. Three are android devices and the different of all iPad runs on <I>iOS</I>. All the three androids can accommodate expansion Slots to expand Memory and even have Cameras.  Dell Streak  has 5 mp cam and both OlivePad and Galaxy have 3 mp cam. But Galaxy has great HD video handling Capacity of all. Galaxy and Olive had Android versions 2.2 and Dell has a 1.6 version. The three Droids Support video Photography and Video Calling. Seriously iPad lose this race by a huge Difference.
4. Applications Factor

              Software’s running capabilities, that’s all today’s Generation needs. Everybody want Software’s that connect him to real or Web world. Gaming is other Options for Apps.  iPad  stands a way ahead in Application Software race. There are lots of Software and Games which makes an iPad an App King. Android’s lags in this race, and most of the Software for Android in market are not made for TABS, so many software’s seem to Stretch in big Screens like  Samsung Galaxy  which distort their visual effects.

5. Performance Factor

                  In terms of use and Speed,  iPad  is pretty much the King. The interface is really cool which is supported by its huge Size. This screens helps in making a better  experience when browsing net, reading books , watching movies or playing videos.
  Samsung Galaxy  comes second in this race. Pretty much good interface and sleek looks is all we need. All the multitasking Capabilities that are all Androids Basic Features , makes it a good Product.
  Dell Streak  has only one big shot, its photo capture Capabilities. Yes the 5 megapixel cam does say a lot. But it has no such great feature like all others had in TABS race.
 OlivePad  chose a middle path to fit in, It’s capable of doing a bit of everything, but not capable of matching others when benchmarks are raised. It has the weakest processor of the lot.
  In terms of battery life is easily the best, due its small size. But it was surprising that in bigger Screens  iPad ,pulled more than 10 hours on Wi-Fi while  Samsung Galaxy  and  OlivePad  both struggle to live up to 7 hours.

6. Style Factor

     Now heading towards the External build of our  TABS  to find which matches your personality and keep spectators eye on you for the thing you are caring. Style is yet another factor which is main concern for Young Generation, and why not it reflects your Personality.
      In this League  iPad  is again on top. As everybody knows Steve Jobs makes his product look different and Stylish, and he does a great Job in Shaping all his Products, so why iPad being different. It can be Taken as innovation of iPod, but more Slimmer.  Samsung Tab Stands Next in this league, with very slim design,  Dell Streak  and  OlivePad  following it.

7. Money Factor

   Last but not the least factor, which totally changes all stats. This is turning Point of a Device, whether to remain or not in the Market. Here  OlivePad , as the Average Tabs in league Scores, Price of Rs – 23,000. Next comes the big Size iPad at Rs 30,000. Then its  Samsung Galaxy  and  Dell Streak  with Price Tag of huge Rs 34,990 and 38,000. This range seriously  falls under notebooks.

           Still it depends on Consumer which fits their needs, considering all factors. The TABS are still newer concept in Indian market , but not soon . Technology is Changing world Rapidly. Hope we get something new and better gadgets in near future which will replace them, as they were also made to replace others.

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