Sunday, November 14, 2010

Cheapest Laptop Ever

All the peoples Now a days are well known with latest Technology and its Cool gadgets. As the Gadgets got cooler so do their Price Tags. All must be familiar with the Laptops , the Next generation Mobile PC which you can take Anywhere with You. For Buying a laptop with most common features you have to pay nothing less than 700$ at an average. Even ipad worth this much. But the cheapest Touchscreen Computer is Developed by India's.

The Touchscreen laptop is developed by IIT 's and IISc's Student on 22nd july 2010. It cost price is 35$ . But the laptops Price be falling as told by
India’s Union Cabinet Minister for Human Resources Development (HRD), Kapil Sibal ,to mere 10$ each . isn't that amazing guys. A Full touch Screen Laptop for Just 10$ (500 Rs nearly) .

The Features of this touchscreen laptops are
# Open-source Linux operating system
# Internet browser
# Wi-Fi enabled
# USB port
# PDF reader
# Open Office Suite
# Multi-media software
# Video conferencing tools

This Device was developed to Provide Cheap technical and Internet connectivity for Students and Teachers. There is no Hard Disk on this Device,the computer uses a memory card similar to many mobile devices. But one can add External Storage Device to Boost its Capacity. The best feature is that it can be charged by Solar Cells. A boon for Indian Rural people where Electricity is Scarce.

The Project is initially To launch the Product for Rural Indian Students.We hope soon it Comes into the market , then it will sell like Hot cake for sure !!!

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